2024-05-19 01:36:32

You cannot truly and fully say ‘Hello’ until you have said goodbye to that which you have lost.

George Kohlrieser

Clarify your ambition and find or craft the context where a WIN WIN is possible

Independent of the reason why you or your employees find themselves at a cross road.

We believe for organizations starting before notification ensures stability as well as successful and smooth transitions. For the individual, an earlier start creates space and time for a deep reflection.

  • Defining personal drivers, competencies and objectives
  • Defining one’s personal journey
  • Defining and guiding the journey through uncertainty
  • Preparing a career transition

    • Internally, externally, career end, …

“What struck me most was the ‘no-nonsense’ approach and the willingness to help wherever needed. I also found it very useful to have a sounding board during my applications. The coaching process made me think differently about my possibilities in finding a new professional challenge. And it has increased my self-confidence. I would describe the coaching by TRAJECTUM as direct, versatile and tailor-made.”


“The enthusiasm and optimism of the coaches is very inspirational. The coach brought calmness in the period between jobs, a period which, until then, had made me restless. I have learned to defend my qualities and capacities. The coaching by TRAJECTUM has helped me emotionally and, as a consequence, physically.”

Els Verdonck