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The Book - Hilde Helsen

Dreamers Who DO


Unlock and realise your own and others' dreams. Interwoven with insights from Simon Sinek, George Kohlrieser, Maya Angelou and William Ury. Artist Koen Vanmechelen formulates his own steps.

For each of us, there is a path that leads straight to our dreams. The art lies in knowing how to find it. Hilde Helsen translates her own rich experiences into a practical four-step model. She uses the authentic power of Lenny Kravitz’s music as a foundation and weaves her personal inspirations with the compelling convictions of contemporary thinkers. DREAMERS who DO. creates a safe environment so that you, the reader, are spurred into action, both for yourself and others.

‘Not only does Hilde see your potential before you do, she also gives you the confidence to put on your business hat while at the same time staying true to what really motivates you.’
— Philippe Cognet, Sales Director at Italpollina

Hilde Helsen is Material Science Engineer. She was one of the first female engineers in a top position at an international company. In 2012, she founded TRAJECTUM, an organisation supporting & facilitating transition processes of individuals and organizations.

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