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By Hilde Helsen
Founder TRAJECTUM & Author of the book DREAMERS who DO & Angelica Krsteski  TRAJECTUM Team Member



There are no words to describe what moves a spider to repair the damage to its web with imperturbable concentration. Words are a distraction that spiders do not use to make clear the things that are occupying their attention. The web is their only language, just like branches are the language of a tree and rain the language of a storm cloud. (...) 

People need words. With their heads full of turbulent thoughts, they search for ways to make clear what is happening inside them. The conversations and writings with which they swamp each other are word-rivers on which their thoughts float.

But what do they mean? Do people understand each other if they address each other in words alone? 

Gerard Bodifee, astrophysicist, philosopher, writer and columnist, in De Standaard newspaper 


Seeing your dream is not enough, to really start moving towards it, you must dare to share it with the world and describe what it looks like.

Join us for this walk if you need some support to be confident about your dream, to dare to share your dream with the world, to invite others to help you realise your dream.

Our guide during this walk is George Kohlrieser. So, as you can guess we will take time to have your secure bases made conscious and with the help of Marshall Rosenberg we explore how non-violent (empathic) communication can help you here.

Meeting point for the walk: Park Den Brandt. Meeting point: the Foutain at the entrance of the park. Parking Beukenlaan Antwerpen across from the entrance.. Bring your walking shoes.

No participation fee. You will receive a copy of the book at the end of the walk.

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Event date 26-04-2024 08:00
Event End Date 26-04-2024 11:00
Speaker Hilde Helsen & Angelica Krsteski
Number Hours 3
Location Park Den Brandt

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