2024-04-22 04:27:11

Diana De Wit

Diana is a seasoned Executive Business & Leadership Coach. Her passion is to enable business leaders to become the strongest version of themselves. During her +25 years as HR Director in international companies, she has learnt to quickly understand the true business and leadership issues at hand and enable the leaders to maximize their potential and talents to create business impact, drive productivity and build high performing teams.

Diana holds a postgraduate in H.R.M. and B.A. next to a Master in Translation & Interpretation Studies. She is an ICF certified Coach (PCC) and experienced trainer, accredited in Enneagram and Insights Discovery which she delivers in Dutch, English and French.

What clients like about her is her warm and open attitude, her cultural savvyness and her ability to enable coachees to look beyond their own obstancles into the wealth of possibilities there are to take their leaderhip role to the next level.

She lives by the motto “Release Your Inner Strength!”, as she firmely believes that if you focus on your Inner Talents and develop these passionately, there are no limits to what you can become!

Diana De Wit