2024-04-22 03:01:34

Hans Bouscholte

Hans is an excellent example of the man who practices what he preaches.

His energy is rooted in lifelong developed leadership skills.

He has worked successfully with high performance teams, in sports at Olympic level, but also with multinationals, federations and governments.

He will expect the best of you and you will want to find this best version of yourself.

As a coach you can trust him to speak his mind, while at the same time being fully present to your predicament or challenges.

This will invite you to embody your highest potential, which he will reflect to you as no other.

But what really makes him the best coach is how he has never stopped learning life’s lessons, an attitude that brings out the best in us human beings.

Because of his international reputation as a world champion sailor, he is a sought-after keynote speaker and motivator for international companies.

His life mottos are: ’If you can dream it, you can do it ‘ and ‘In the core of your fear and pain, you will find redemption‘.

His mission is to initiate the breakthrough that leads to transformation.

Hans Bouscholte