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How to improve your communication skills? Connective Communication

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Connective Communication

English Interactive Webinar

by Ulrike Hanig


Hilde Helsen in her book DREAMERS who DO., step 2 #stand:

"Your dream only exists when you talk about it. You want to start a dialogue, you want to receive feedback. That is quite difficult. We need words for this, the right words. After all, it is not about what you want to say. It is about whether the other person understands what you really mean. The good news is, you can learn to express your dream."

Her call is Let Love Rule. Let us listen to the dreams of others with more love and attention. This way we make it safe to let all those dreams grow.

How to improve your communication skills?

Every child learns to talk. But, do we really learn to communicate? We learn by trial-and-error. We imitate others. And in our Western culture we are often taught of not showing our emotions. Emotions however are key in communication.

You want to discover why? During this webinar we dive into the complexity of communication.

What makes a dialogue good? Which are the conditions present? What does this mean for me? How do I become a better communicator?

We all have experiences, in one way or the other, when our communication goes wrong. We all know the consequences of miscommunication and misunderstandings. Sometimes we can laugh about it, but most of the time we can’t, and we might even experience serious consequences.

95% of our communication is internal communication, only 5% is shared by the sender to the receiver through words or body language. But what does it mean “internal communication, the communication which happens inside of us” and in what way can we influence this inner dialogue to become better communicators?

We have learned that communication is rational. But diving more into the deep and complex inner process we discover that emotions rule more on our communication than we might be willing to admit.

And where do you go from there? How to recognize and accept this emotional presence without becoming too emotional? How to maintain rationality as required by our so rational society? And how to take rational responsibility of these emotions during the dialogue before the emotions take over, especially in a professional environment?

Ulrike Hanig started her professional career in marketing communication before recognizing that her real enthusiasm goes to human communication. Today she mainly focusses on connective communication taking into account the human being with his most profound needs and feelings with the objective of authenticity and efficiency in communication. As a speaker, trainer and coach she inspires, shares knowledge about and accompanies individuals and teams on their path to better communication.

This class will be hosted on ZOOM, the details will be emailed to you after registration. 


  • Option 1: 75,00 EUR excl. 21% VAT per person
  • Option 2: 95,00 EUR excl. 21% VAT per person + signed copy of the book DREAMERS who DO. 

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Startdatum 24-06-2021 09:00
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Speaker Urlike Hanig
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