2022-01-27 05:14:19

DREAMERS who DO. in Action - Hybrid Program Spring 2022

DREAMERS who DO. in Action Hybrid Seminar is an intensive and interactive coaching trajectory based on the DREAMERS Who DO.® Model. The sixth open series starts February 25th in the Leuven area.

This program can also be organised in-company, at any location and be tailormade to your organisation’s specific needs. Happy to discuss with you anytime.


This is a time of transition. 

Transitions are moments to take time to step back, to reflect, to name and to act on your dreams, both your your individual dreams and your collective dreams: the dreams you want to realise within your organisation, your company or your community.

So now is the time...

Program Outline & Practical Details

Propriétés de l'événement

Date de l'événement 25-02-2022
Date de fin 29-04-2022
Prix individuel EUR1,275.00
Speaker Hilde Helsen
Lieu Kasteel van Horst - Het Wagenhuis

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