2020-09-25 03:17:58

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Trust and Connection

Trust and connection are 2 invisible dynamics in human interactions and team dynamics. You don’t see them, you don’t think  about them very often and it’s not easy to describe in a few words what it means. 

But why bother? Because if there is a good flow or connection with you or within the team. Why should you? It all goes natural and no need to rationalise why you do things or what you are doing exactly. Right?.  

But what if it doesn’t flow in your team or with a colleague? You do get frustrated and wonder why and what to do about it. 

Often ‘Trust’ is the baseline or base layer to start from in order to build that relation or connection with people and in teams.  

E.g. Your team is just not hitting it off even after that 2-day breakout on goal setting. Or even after a 1 to 1 discussion with your colleague the tension is still in the air and you don’t know how to turn it around and you’re not making any progress. 

In this session we explore different concepts and theories on ‘Trust’. From different point of views and in different situations. 

  • When do you trust a leader? How can you be a trustful leader?
  • When do you trust a company as an outsider/customer?
  • How can you build a trusting team? 
  • How to connect and gain trust from someone?

We explore these concepts together and share ideas on them. With a focus on the importance of connection and communication.

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