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To register for TRAJECTAFRICA 2023 - DREAMERS who DO. in Action, please enter your details below and click Process registration :


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Cancellation is possible at no charge until 15/11/22, between 16/11/22 and 14/01/23 only 50% will be reimbursed. As of 15/01/23 the total participation fee is due.

TRAJECTUM BVBA and KinkeliBA VZW are not responsible for theft, any damage or injury incurred before, during or after the TRAJECTAFRICA week. We declare to be responsible for the protection of your personal data. Your data will be treated carefully and confidentially and will never be disclosed to third parties. Further conditions: please refer to the TRAJECTAFRICA 2023 program outline.

The collected data wil be treated by TRAJECTUM bvba, 3221 Nieuwrode as strictly confidential and with the sole purpose to facilitate the event one registered for. The participant will communicate every change in his personal data to TRAJECTUM bvba Miet Vanbergen via info@trajectum.be. According to the General Data Protection Regulation d.d. 24 May 2016 the participant is entitled to access and correct his personal data at any time. The collected data will never be used for marketing purposes without prior consent. The collected data will be kept on file for as long as TRAJECTUM exists.

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